Belgian Physiotherapy student from the University of Antwerp, Marijke, was doing her internship at Paavo Nurmi Centre. Read more of her experiences during these two weeks. Thank you Marijke and all the best for your future!

Antwerpenin yliopistossa fysioterapiaa opiskeleva belgialainen Marijke oli kaksi viikkoa työharjoittelussa PNK:lla. Tässä Marijken terveiset kuluneelta kahdelta viikolta:
”Hello everyone, my name is Marijke Vink and I am a physiotherapy student from the University of Antwerp. However, originally, I am from the Netherlands. I chose to study in Belgium because the possibilities to start a master degree there are way bigger. In Belgium, the physiotherapy course is five years and right now I am in my 1st master year, following the neurologic side of physiotherapy. For my internship, I moved to Turku to live here for four months. I am doing my clinical internship here for eight weeks and I have been in the Paavo Nurmi Centre for two of those eight weeks.
The Paavo Nurmi Centre was a different experience, than what I am used to. In Belgium, not many places offer the services that Paavo Nurmi can offer people. In the Paavo Nurmi Centre, a lot of different people can come to do physical tests like submaximal endurance tests on a bike, maximal endurance tests on a treadmill, on a rowing machine or on a bike and even general health condition tests. These different kinds of people are athletes, amateur athletes, working people and other professions like fireman. A very diverse program can be offered for them. I have been studying about these tests in Antwerp, but I have never seen them on real patients or athletes. It was really interesting to finally be able to see these things.

It was good to see a different side of physiotherapy and learn more about the different tests and their interpretation. Keeping yourself healthy is a daily job, and sometimes it is difficult to improve your daily pattern by working out or eating healthier. However, eventually you will feel much better and this place can help you to find ways to improve this in a really pleasant way.

I want to thank everyone at the Paavo Nurmi Centre.”

Marijke Vink