Paavo Nurmi Centre is a Department of Physical Activity and Health functioning in conjunction with University of Turku. This special unit studies, educates on and shares data on physical activity and well-being. High-quality scientific research is the basis of all Paavo Nurmi Centre activities.

We want to use our expertise to communicate to various audiences in a motivating manner in supporting implementation of practical actions to help maintain and improve the health of individuals and the society. The most important aim is to enhance health and prevent non-communicable diseases with physical activity and healthy lifestyle. We are committed to working for individual and organizational health, already since 1957.

Examples of our services:

  • Testing of performance and fitness, other measurements and body composition analyses
  • Services to maintain and improve occupational well-being
  • Specialist lectures on physical activity, sport, weight management, and nutrition
  • Medical services for sports clubs and organizations
  • Medical and nutritional consultations
  • Laboratory services

Paavo Nurmi Centre is a non-profit organization. By using our services you are supporting health-enhancing scientific research, and help us provide health and well-being services to a wider audience.

Scientific research

One of the most important tasks of Paavo Nurmi Centre is to produce high-quality scientific research and to apply it in practice. The whole Paavo Nurmi Centre operation is based on evidence-based data and its correct interpretation.

Research focus areas

  • Physical activity, inactivity and sedentary behaviour – a new approach to health
  • FIREA – Retired and active? Lifestyle and clinical risk factors change as an individual is retired. Follow-up study on municipality personnel.

Pivotal studies

  • Health-enhancing Sports Club – A multicenter study run by the Sports and Exercise Medicine Units in Finland
  • Sports and exercise injury research – from cell level to performance
  • ExUrhot – Aging prior top athletes health study 2008 – Long-term impact of a physically active lifestyle on health and performance
  • Elite Study – Inherited traits of endurance
  • Lipids and oxidative stress
  • NoFlu -research
  • NAVY-MEDSTEP – Navy medical study to enhance naval sailor’s physical performance
  • Nowastep – The effect of exercise on impaired glucose in 40-65 -year-old men
  • Maracat -research

Paavo Nurmi Centre member organizations are University of Turku, City of Turku, Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Finnish Heart Association – Regional District of South-West Finland and Turku Univeristy of Applied Sciences.

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